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Warranty Agreement

This short guide details the warranty agreement for products purchased from Shopmassive.

1. Overview
2. Warranty Services
3. Return & Replacement Procedure
4. Warranty Exclusions





1. Overview

All products purchased from this website carry their own warranty period which may differ from product to product. To see how long the warranty period is for a product click on the 'Additional Information' tab. If the warranty period is not stated on the product page then the default; 1 Year Standard Warranty (1 Month UK Carriage, 1 Year Parts, 1 Year Labour) applies*. With every product we provide a standard warranty with at least 1 month free return shipping should anything go wrong.

*Due to the nature of software updates, we provide zero warranty on software, applications or licenses. All software license agreements are between the consumer and the software producer.


2. Warranty Services

Below lays out our Warranty services:

Warranty Service Parts Warranty Period Labour Warranty

Carriage Costs

Hardware Technical
Support Period
Hardware Technical
Support Cost
 1 Year Standard  1 Year  1 Year  1 Month  Lifetime Free email support


*Software and usability telephone technical support is available as a separate service for most products. Contact us to enquire. 


3. Warranty Return & Replacement Procedure

If your goods become faulty during use and are still within the warranty period, you can report the fault within 30 days of original purchase date to be eligible for a new replacement. After the first 30 days have passed you are entitled to a repair or replacement. Please note that replacements are only issued in circumstances where a repair is not economically possible, in instances where we are unable to repair your item we will supply you with a refurbished replacement. If we are unable to provide a replacement then a like-for-like product will be offered to you. If we are unable to provide a like-for-like replacement then a refund will be issued minus original postage costs. Unless advised otherwise, please allow up to 10 working days for your replacement/repaired item to arrive.

If your goods become faulty within 30 days of delivery, we will provide a prepaid label for you to return the goods back to us. If they become faulty after 30 days of delivery but are still within warranty then the goods are to be returned to us at your expense. In all cases of warranty claims after 30 days, you will be charged the postage costs for the goods to be posted back to you. Please be advised that should an item need to be returned to the manufacturer then you may have to wait up to 30 days. When you receive your replacement/repaired item back your warranty period will continue from your original purchase date.

OUTSIDE UK: If you are located outside of mainland UK, you are responsible for the postage cost to return the item to us. However, we will NOT reclaim the original postage cost for sending the item to you in the original order. If your item is returned to us and upon further testing deemed to be not faulty then it will be returned to you at your expense. Your item will be held for 90 days. If you have not contacted us to arrange for it to be returned to you then it will be destroyed.


4. Warranty Exclusions

  • • Accidental Damage (including water damage, natural disasters and electrical surges)
  • • General wear and tear, misuse, neglect or damage by the buyer
  • • Severing or altering a product's cable and connections in any way
  • • Incorrectly installed goods
  • • Consumables (Ink Cartridges, batteries, etc)
  • • Data Recovery & Backing up of data, files and programmes
  • • Remedy of incorrectly installed/incompatible software
  • • Remedy of viruses
  • • Compatibility of third party software/hardware